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Kärntner Montanindustrie GmbH (KMI) was founded in 1932. Over the decades, we have acquired a reputation as a world leader in the production of platy iron oxide pigments for anti-corrosion protective coatings. Thanks to our know-how, production technology and cooperation with partner companies, we have further strengthened this position and have managed to enter new market segments as well as markets with other industrial minerals.


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in the Micaceous Iron Oxide business, in terms of innovation, technical support, product quality, security of supply, safety and the environment, and ethical behaviour.

In addition to the core areas of production technology and on-going quality development, our management sets great store by the continuing development of customer relations.

To achieve and continuously develop these qualities, we aspire to


Solution orientation – our key to success

The traditional company Kärntner Montanindustrie GmbH aspires for economic success to secure long-term partnerships with customers, employees and the proprietor.

Our intention is, to provice satisfactory solutions for all our customers’ assignments in the field of functional fillers with the maximum possible protection of human and the environment.

This we accomplish, when we

  • enhance firm relationships with our main raw material suppliers, in order to strategically secure the raw material supply.
  • are aware that sustainable success of the enterprise is closely related to the performance of the people affiliated with KMI. For this reason, we support confident and self-assured employees, who unite professionalism with social skills.
  • operate on a high quality level, to fulfil our binding obligations, to improve our environmental performance and develop our processes continuously.
  • work on the continuous development of application technology by focusing on amplifying the knowledge of our employees.


Working with passion

In our company, well-educated and motivated employees are the key for economic success. KMI’s target is to keep up a positive working atmosphere by satisfied employees. Beside an adequate salary and sufficient qualification on the job, we are specially focused on continuously improving the team spirit. The employee’s development and promotion is an ongoing process, we are always working on.



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A-9400 Wolfsberg

Tel. +43 (4352) 54 535
Fax +43 (4352) 54 535-135