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High Zinc dust prices: COST SAVINGS!!!

By Monday April 1st, 2019No Comments

High Zinc dust prices: COST SAVINGS!!!

Because of the fact that the Zinc dust price increased about more than 50% during the last months, we would like to present the possibility to save costs by replacing a part of Zinc dust in Zinc rich coatings by micronized MIOX®. Compared with the current Zinc price, which is already above 3 EUR/kg, the cost savings are around 30% with this partial replacement. The facts at a glance are:

  • A replacement up to 50% by mass is possible, our recommendation is 30% 
  • The replacement rate is 1:1 
  • There is no change in the anti-corrosive performance 
  • The technical advantages are a better adhesion on the substrate and a reduction of Zinc salt building 
  • Product recommendations are: MIOX® Micro 30/40/50 for grey applications, MIOX® Micro 20/15/10 for ultrathin reddish applications

Please do not hesitate to contact us (, if you have some additional questions, we would be happy to assist you; also if you need some samples.